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Using our latest technology, the UW-500 receives channel parameters through IR with wide operational range up to 90m. Each microphone has 100 selectable channels and independent volume controls. This UHF system features 6-axis gyroscope to automatically enter mute mode when idling for 5~10 seconds. With three selectable distance adjustment switch to meet your demands, the UW-500 can be applied to comprehensive situations.

  • UW-500R
    Power Consumption: 12w (Max)
    Receiver Sensitivity: -95dbm
    Mixing Output Socket: ø6.3mm Socket
    Balanced Output Socket: XLR Socket
    Dimensions: 419 × 164 × 53 mm
    Weight: 1500g

    Carrier Frequency: Depends on regional frequency band
    Transmit Power: 10dBm (±2dBm)
    Microphone Capsule: Dynamic
    Polar Pattern: Super Cardioid
    Impedance: 600­
    Frequency Response: 80~12000Hz
    Current Consumption: 120mA
    Battery: Size AA x 2pcs
    Operation Range: 90 meters (in open area)
    Battery Life: Approximately 12 hours (uses alkaline batteries)
    Dimensions: ø52 × 258 mm
    Weight (without batteries): 390g

    Carrier Frequency: Depends on regional frequency band
    Emissive Power: 10dBm (±2dBm)
    Frequency Response: 80Hz~12000Hz
    Consumption Current: 120mA
    Battery: Size AA x 2pcs
    Operation Range : 90 meters (in open areas)
    Battery Life: Up to 12 hours (Alkaline)
    Dimensions: 170 × 65 × 31 mm
    Weight (without batteries): 60g