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Vision and Mission To enhance brand awareness and professional performance is Carol's goal. We take microphones as the starting point, gradually growing and thriving, toward be Leader in professional acuoustics technology.

To "share the rich layers of audio experience" as a brand position, and bringing "Sound of Excellence" to consumer all the time.
Brand Characters
Rich Diversity Carol’s products are featured with rich, detailed and versatile sound performance. We infuse the brand with profoundness, aesthetics and vitality, touching every customer that is eager for a warmer sound.
Innovation Carol's products not only across a variety of applications, but also in the pursuit of innovative technology to meet consumer demand for the use of cutting-edge technologies. To emphasize the brand's innovation-oriented position, creativity and vigorousness are fully presented in every aspect of all Carol products.
Perfection Quality is what Carol has been proud of, the persistence in details, the persistence in perfection. Every detail is as if been delicate polished by Carol’s endless efforts, only to bring the best quality products to customers. Carol is definitely a trustworthy brand that you can always count on, who never compromises on quality and usage.
Integrity Carol stands out the industry for 40 years, always serving our customers, partners and consumers with a sincere heart. Integrity is deeply rooted in the brand philosophy, from inside to outside, showing Carol’s true color.