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Bluetoothwireless technology

Bluetooth SIG Technical Alliance Recognition / NCC National Communication Certification

CAROL Exclusive
Low Bluetooth Latency Technology Bluetooth total solution is using advance data processing technology, makes ultra low latency (38ms) on transmission; it’s special for vocal and speech.
< 38msultra-low latency
Less Power Consumption
Secured Bluetooth line
Bluetooth SIG Certification
Using ISM band No additional application required
Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum 1600 Hops/sec
Anti-jam˙High Safety˙High Quality
Global Bluetooth protocol
Versatile application for short- range wireless
2.4Ghz DIGITAL WIRELESS Digital wireless audio delivered approximate high-quality of wired connection. It suits to small club, venue and karaoke room.
Why Digital better than Analog?
Noise Filtering Capability

Digital signals take only two values: 1 or 0 and therefore it will be easier to differentiate between the noise and signal when noise interferes with these signals.

Communicate Firmly

In full duplex two-way radio communication, the transmitter and receiver can communicate with each other, therefore if an error occurred the receiver would requests the transmitter resends the signal automatically(DW-25).

Distortion-Free Reproduction

Digital amplifier development is poised to become a mainstream and digital amplifier and speaker will be obtaining a distortion-free sound while communicating with digital wireless microphones.

FHSS makes reliable
interference-free connection
Digital wireless features FHSS(frequency-hopping spread- spectrum) technology that divide the frequency into a number of small channels, and signals is switched rapidly between them in a random sequence that is known by both the receiver and transmitter. It achieves a good capability of anti-interference that can work under every complicated environment with high performance.
Archiving the perfect sound Digital wireless system allows full dynamic range without audible noise, as the audio signal is not compressed in the transmitter and expanded in the receiver. Since there are no compander circuits to muck up the sound, the sound from digital wireless would sound better than analog system.

Unparalleled Battery Life
All the digital processing are combined into an integrated circuit on a single chip, It ensures that battery life can works up to 26 hours.

Simple to install, easy to operate and maintain.
1.Easy Setup : Plug & Play as long as the system is power on.
2. Easy Operation : Simple at a push of the paring button for microphone and receiver, the devices will automatically synchronize with each other.
3. Easy Maintenance : No additional channel setup process for interference, the system will change the working channel automatically.(DW-25)

UHF Wireless Microphone System CAROL latest UHF Wireless Microphone System can compatible with different national frequency range. It features wide operation range, selectable channels on microphone, automatic pairing and volume adjustment on receiver to prevent feedback generation.
Operation range up to 90M

UHF has high penetration due to its short wavelength. It is especially suitable for indoor areas with many obstacles, such as engineering construction, factory monitoring, security patrol, restaurants, KTV, restaurants, hotels, etc. Occasions with many floors.

Microphone mute mode

CAROL UHF Built-in 6-axis gyroscope – Auto detecting to enter mute mode.
The microphone will automatically enter MUTE mode when idling for 5-10 seconds while the MUTE function is ON.

Anti-interference ability

UHF can easily avoid various interference by adjusting the frequency of the transmitter and receiver. Requires larger transmission power, shorter battery life; less high-frequency interference; usable frequency range 270MHZ, large expandable range, waist-mounted or hand-held microphones can be selected according to use needs to meet a variety of application needs.

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