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Corporate Social Responsibility at Taiwan Carol

Taiwan Carol has embraced a business philosophy of “customer satisfaction, employee happiness, pursuit of excellence, and prosperous society” since we were founded in 1975. We have continued to pursue change and innovation in the electro-acoustics field through the development of new products that benefit society. The prevention and reduction of workplace accidents is important to Carol. In addition to fulfilling our regulatory responsibilities, we are continuing to improve our environmental, safety and health management systems.

The Carol business strategy is based around delivering the best products and services through vertical integration with our upstream and downstream suppliers as well as strategic alliances with our customers. We take an active role in environmental protection as a member of the global village. Extensive planning to go into product development, purchasing of raw materials and packaging to make a contribution to our living environment. Carol knows that our success depends not only on continuous improvement but also the support of a harmonious society. We give back to society what we receive. Carol is more than willing to share more than 40 years of experience in the electro-acoustics field by continuing to sponsor industry-university collaboration projects that help cultivate more local talented professionals in electro-acoustics

At Carol, we aim to achieve prosperous, harmonious and sustainable development in the three aspects of the economy, environment and society. We have therefore adopted the following CSR practices:
Employee care / Environment/ Safety / Health / Green products / Other programs

Employee Care
Health Checkups

Current employees receive regular health checkups in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and Regulations for Labor Safety and Health Organization Management and Self-Check. Domestic and overseas company holidays are also organized every year.


Every Carol employee is enrolled in Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance. Additional insurance is provided for certain roles to ensure proper protection.

Annual and Other Bonuses

In addition to issuing annual bonuses based on business performance, other types of bonuses are also issued in accordance with internal management regulations.

Pension Scheme

Retirements are handled in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and Labor Pension Act.

Education and Training

Orientation training, product training, on-site training, off-site training, e-learning.

Environment │ Safety │ Health
Environment, Safety and Health Policy

● Promotion of environment, safety and health ideals, protection of environmental quality, establishment of disaster prevention mechanism, and ensuring employee safety and hygiene.
● Development of an environmental safety system that conforms to regulatory and other stakeholder requirements.
● Advocate for symbiotic and friendly community relations.

Implementation and outcomes were as follow

● Promotion of ISO 14000 certification to ensure proper environmental protection.
● Planning and execution of labor safety and health training to raise employee awareness on safety and health as well as realize the target of zero industrial safety accidents.
● Signs and warnings on safety and health precautions are displayed throughout the workplace. The operating environment undergoes regular inspections as well.

Green Products
Green design

Green product is taken into consideration from the product R&D phase and practiced throughout the R&D process to ensure all products conform to EU RoHS/RoHS 2.0/REACH and other regulatory requirements.

Green purchasing

Carol produces green products and uses only approved suppliers. Suppliers must state their non-use of restricted environmental substances in the specifications or purchasing contract when Carol is selecting new suppliers or certifying new specifications/materials.
All suppliers are required to progressively restrict or prohibit the use of harmful substances in accordance with the schedule. Suppliers also undergo regular mentoring with testing of parts and materials to establish a system for ensuring that products conform to regulatory and customer requirements.

Green production

Controls on the use of chemicals in product parts, components and production processes have been strengthened. Strict controls are enforced on environmentally-sensitive chemicals during the production process. All packaging used with products upon shipping are made from recyclable materials. Packaging must also be re-usable to minimize the amount of packaging and waste.

Other Programs
Customer Care

● Provide customers with total solutions
● Customer satisfaction
Carol conducts annual customer satisfaction surveys that ask for customer feedback on quality, price, delivery time and technology. The responses are collected and analyzed so that improvements can be made. We aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
● Trusted partner
Carol hopes to grow with our customers. In addition to providing a variety of solutions based on our understanding of the customer’s requirements, we have also established enduring partnerships with global distributors and made them our trusted partners through long-term cooperation and development.

Supplier Mentoring

Suppliers that pass our incoming materials inspection receive mentoring on obtaining ISO 9000 quality system certification. For new purchases or new material specifications, the relevant specifications or contracts include prohibitions on the use of environmentally-sensitive substances. Documentation on compliance or non-use of environmentally-sensitive substances must also be provided.

Non-use of conflict minerals Suppliers are required by Carol to ensure that all of the parts and components contain no “conflict minerals” such as Gold (Au), Tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn) and Tungsten (W). Our purchasing management in the supply chain will hopefully provide tangible support to international human rights organizations.
Declaration Of Minerals Conflict-free
Social Care
Cultivation of talent through industry-university collaboration

Carol has set up industry-university collaboration projects with well-known local universities. By connecting our company’s product development and design with the professional theory of universities, we provide graduate students with a learning space where they can apply their theoretical knowledge. Students also gain real-world experience while still at school.

Carol organizes product design competitions to encourage universities and colleges to engage in product design. The best entries are rewarded with scholarships to promote student creativity, cultivate Taiwan's electro-acoustical talent, and boost Taiwan’s competitiveness in the global electro-acoustics industry.

Sponsorship of “Classical Symphony Orchestra”

Carol sponsors “Classical Symphony Orchestra” events to support the cultivation of local professional musical performers and creative artists.