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Double Shock Absorbers Even though the single shock absorber can effectively reduce the noise and satisfy most of users, but noise could happened when users use microphones in extreme conditions.

When the user holds a microphone and performs too lively and energetically, the microphone endures great vibrations. Single shock absorber could reduce vibrations come from the handle, but there are noise comes from the vibrations resulted from diaphragm and coils. The coils are like a spring; when the microphone is dramatically shook up and down, the coils are also shook up and down because of the inertial force, so the unwanted noise is produced.

When in the parties and reunions, it is anticipated that severely hit on microphones would happen over and over. Although single shock absorber can absorb most vibrations and protect the capsule, it’s possible that it will become loose after strongly hit and worse the absorbing function.

Decrease The Vibrating
About the idea While driving a car on rough roads, it shakes badly. The passengers feel the shakes because of the inertial forces, so often a suspension system is added between the car and tires. The suspension is like a spring. Its elasticity property helps balance the shaking car and decrease the vibrating energy. Based on this motion pattern, we add double shock absorbers between the capsule and handle. When the shakes occur, the system keeps the microphone in a balance status, and minimizes vibrations. In addition, the absorbers are screwed onto the handle, so the absorbing function is less affected even the microphone is used improperly.
How it works

The shock absorbers are made of soft elastomer, to make the shock absorbers with elasticity, considering the hardness while choosing materials.

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