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BTM-510BC Bluetooth Transmission Adapter for Conserder Microphone

Carol's Bluetooth microphone adapters and receiver are the ultimate solution for convenient, cable-free performance. The BTM-510 can be applied directly to wired condenser mics to seamlessly transmit to the BTM-510R receiver. The discreet black chassis and stylish silver detail make this set perfect for academic and conference applications.

  • BTM-510B

    Wireless transmission

    Bluetooth V5.1

    Carrier FREQUENCY

    ISM band 2.402~2.480GHz

    OUTPUT Power

    Class 1



    Transmission Power


    RF sensitivity


    Frequency Response

    16~22KHz ±3dB

    OPERAtion Range

    At least 20m (Straight line distance)

    Power Supply

    AAA size x 4 (Receiver x2, Transmitter x2)

    Battery Life

    Up to 8hrs (Alkaline battery)

    Supported connector types

    BTM-510BR Receiver (RX)   Ø6.3 mm male plug

    BTM-510BC Transmitter (TX)Ø3.5 mm female plug (for condenser microphone)

    BTM-510BD Transmitter (TX)3P-XLR female plug (for dynamic microphone)

    Dimensions (L * W * H)

    116.9 × 26 × 28.1 mm (BTM-510BR)

    92.9 × 26 × 28.1 mm (BTM-510BC)

    98.6 × 26 × 28.3 mm (BTM-510BD)

    Weight (without batteries)

    25g(BTM-510BR) / 23g(BTM-510BC) / 35g(BTM-510BD)