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PAS-218 / PAS-218T

The PAS-218 and PAS-218T are the wall mount speaker made of ABS resin and can be hooked or mounted directly on the wall. The installation is quick and easy. A push-type input terminal allows easy cable connections and bridge wiring. The speakers are highly cost-eective and well-suited for BGM and announcement applications.

  • PAS-218 /PAS-218T
    Speaker Type Passive 8”
    Output Power 40W
    Impedance 70V: 1W/4.9KΩ, 5W/1KΩ, 10W/500Ω, 15W/330Ω, 20W/245Ω,
       25W/200Ω, 30W/165Ω, 35W/140Ω, 40W/122Ω
    100V: 2W/4.9KΩ, 10W/1KΩ, 20W/500Ω, 30W/330Ω, 40W/245Ω
    Dimensions 245 x 245 x 140 mm
    Weight 1555g ±50g (PAS-218)  /  1750g ±50g (PAS-218T) 
    Frequency Response 300Hz ~ 12KHz (at 1W / 1m)
    Sound Pressure Level 98 ± 3dB (at 1KHz, 1W / 1m)
    Effective Distance Approx 140m
    Material ABS
    Color White
    Connectors 2P push type speaker terminal board